Keylo : Manage your self-storage and rent units remotely.

Extended times of opening

Take the control of Keylo and receive a visitor remotely from another facility, a call-center or even your home! Your storage is now open 24/7. You'll never miss a sale.

Manage remotely your site

Monitor the cleanliness of the corridors and of the units, check the locks at the doors using Keylo from your office. Our robot helps you to maintain a high level of quality while saving hours of travel. Stay close to your sites... from your office!


Use the tele-presence feature to assess security issues. When an alarm is triggered, send the robot to the unit and check the issue with the visitor. Keylo offers an immediate response to the alarm and saves interventions of security companies.

Reduced staff cost

By using Keylo robot and Wyca SaaS software to receive clients, sell units and monitor the facility, a single employee can manage up to five self storage facilities simultaneously.

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"With Keylo, we can maintain a high quality of service while saving two third of the staff cost."

2-way video

Chat with your visitors and clients using the 2-way video. Take pictures of all relevant documents (ID, driving license, credit card,...). Store all conversation in your history.

Autonomous navigation

Monitor the realtime position of the robot in your site. Select a destination and let the robot move in full autonomy avoiding obstacles, walls and people. Stay 100% focused on your conversation with your client.

Digital signature

Collect digital signatures of the lease agreements using the 24" touch screen. Store and retrieve the document in your history.

Lock dispenser

Use the lock dispenser to close the lease. Keylo can store up to 12 locks in the dispenser.

Control the robot remotely from your smartphone

As soon as a visitor touches Keylo, receive a notification on your smartphone and reply using the 2-way video.

No need to be in front of your computer to take calls from your facility!

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Easy maneuverability on uneven grounds

The platform’s suspensions have been designed to cross door tresholds.
The platform can easily enter an elevator without human assistance.
The centre of gravity is located just above the wheels for more stability.