Keylo for research
Modular design and scalable platform

Most of Keylo core components are off-the-shelf, plug-and-play, and use open source drivers.

The goal of the research version of Keylo is to allow researchers to have full control of the platform. Components can be easily customized, replaced and added independently from Wyca.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, ROS Kinetic Kame and standard ROS API

Easy hull opening and access to components (3 screws)

Low circular footprint of 52cm of diameter

Total height : 164cm
Low centre of gravity

Run time : 2 to 6 hours with basic battery pack

Docking station included

Contact us to request a demo!

Easy maneuverability on uneven grounds

The platform’s suspensions have been designed to cross door tresholds.
The platform can easily enter an elevator without human assistance.
The centre of gravity is located just above the wheels for more stability.