Keylo is a service robot designed to help operators of public spaces to receive and serve clients autonomously or remotely.

Retailers / showrooms

Serve clients in multiple sites from one single place using Keylo’s tele-presence features. Use the camera to capture the video of the transaction. Display forms on the 24’’ touchscreen to process clients assessment remotely. Combine your website and your physical store using Keylo.


Display advertisements on the 24’’ touchscreen while Keylo meets autonomously the visitors. Adapt your special offers to the clients’ geolocation.


Use the tele-presence feature to assess security issues. The robot goes autonomously to the place an alarm is triggered. Capture video and take pictures of the area.


Help visitors to find their way using the Follow Me feature. Keylo maps each site and is able to define a destination, the most effective path and to avoid safely obstacles and people.

"With Keylo, we can maintain a high quality of service while saving two third of the staff cost."

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Easy maneuverability on uneven grounds

The platform’s suspensions have been designed to cross door tresholds.
The platform can easily enter an elevator without human assistance.
The centre of gravity is located just above the wheels for more stability.