Meet Keylo, a robotic platform designed for serving clients and visitors.

Autonomous navigation

Keylo's unique artificial intelligence allows the robot to calculate a destination and to move in security avoiding all obstacles including walls, furnitures and people.

2-way video

Keylo is delivered with a state-of-the-art 2-way video technology allowing tele-conferencing between your call-center and the visitors, improving the user experience.

Plug and play

No additional investment required, Keylo adapts itself to the environnement. Just plug the robot, map the site using our guidelines and use our API to develop applications in a minute with no knowledge in robotics!

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Robotized nurse assistant for outpatient surgery units

The robotized nurse assistant is a service robot moving autonomously in the surgery unit. The robot goes from patients to patients, showing informational video to explain the intervention in details. Once the video has been watched, the patient can call using the 2-way video a nurse to ask additional questions or to acknowledge his/her understanding of the potential complications or the post-intervention process.

Improved collection of the informed consent
Enhanced relationship between patients and medical staff
Better accessibility and quality of information
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Manage your facility and sell units remotely using Keylo, the self-storage robot connected to your manager or to your call-center

By using Keylo, the owner of a facility checks remotely the cleanliness of the corridors or ckecks the locks at the units' doors. Keylo is also connected to the manager's phone or to the company's call-center in order to arrange physical visits of the site to visitors. The robot displays lease agreements and collects digital signatures and payments.

Improved management of the site
Enhanced security
Extended hours of opening
Reduced staff costs
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Modular design and scalable robotics platform for researchers.

Keylo for research comes ready to run with its computer preconfigured, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, ROS Kinetic Kame and a standard ROS API. The goal of the research version of Keylo is to allow researchers to have full control of the platform. Components can be easily customized, replaced and added independently from Wyca.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, ROS Kinetic Kame and standard ROS API
Components can be easily customized, replaced and added
Easy hull opening and access to components (3 screws)
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